“Dr Vikash Naidoo is the most exceptional dentist, not only is he incredibly knowledgeable but also unbelievably kind , compassionate and professional. From the very first consultation to the completion of my treatment, the team at The Smile Zone were so friendly and supportive and made every visit enjoyable. Dr Naidoo Taylor made my treatment to suit me and had my best interests at heart, giving me the most natural results with no discomfort or stress . Thank you to the very talented Cerec lab Technician Rudi – who’s attention to detail is amazing. Choosing The Smile Zone was the best decision I could have made – Thank you”

Kathryn Armstrong

“Dr Vikesh Naidoo, been with him for long, he gave me a entire new smile, which no other dentist could do for years. He does Cerec, the absolute NEW technology, that’s the only way, no other way. THANX DOCTOR NAIDOO, YOU ARE THE ONLY AND THE ONLY!! And thank you to your staff, they are all the best!”

Lee Michau

What an absolutely incredible experience. Dentists synonymously come with a negative connotation. But not this Dentist. Dr V Naidoo is not only highly qualified but has the latest state of the art technology. After a very traumatic assault he enveloped me in understanding and care. A truly empathetic human being with attention to detail. He patiently sat and listened to my story and my concerns and after he was sure I was COMPLETLY happy, in one session I left with a “Colgate” smile. The whole experience was painless and utterly enjoyable! No drowning in the fluids used to clean his drilling actions, no splashing of water in your eyes. A Dentist who truly cares about the patient. He has been accessible at all times. I had concerns which he instantly addressed. I have never felt I could not approach him at any time of the day or night. He and his team made me feel like I was the only person on the planet. He gave me the confidence to step back out into the world again! You would be making the greatest decision in choosing THE SMILE ZONE.

Nicole Goodwin

From prep to completion of extensive dentistry needed the Team at The Smile Zone were absolutely amazing! Not only highly experienced and professional but also authentically kind and caring. I highly recommend The Smile Zone!!

Samantha Walpole

I’ve been going to the smile zone since 2015. They have done several crowns for me, and removed my wisdom teeth. I’ve recently moved to Singapore and my dentist here remarked on the exceptional quality of the smile zones work. If you want a world class dentist, go to the smile zone.

Rob Krumm

Dr Naidoo is so friendly and put me completely at ease. I had a fair amount of work that needed to be done and all was done. I felt completely at ease and the BEST part is my beautiful new teeth that look 100% natural. It has honestly boosted my confidence. I 100% recommend Dr Naidoo and The Smile Zone.

Janet Kleyn

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